Drop-In Programs

We welcome our friends of various genders, sexual orientations, and other forms of identity and allies ages 13-19! We have additional opportunities for youth 20-25 to become involved in mentor or volunteer roles with FVYS and those interested can contact info@fvys.ca.  We are a community and we are here to provide a sense of belonging to 2SLGBTQIA+ youth in the Fraser Valley.

We encourage our older folks to become leaders and provide them with opportunities for leadership and growth. People are encouraged to come as they are and any questions about participation can be directed towards staff or volunteers.

Check in:

Every drop-in we set aside time to sit in a circle to give everyone a chance to check in and meet each other in a safe and non judgemental space. We also go through our group guidelines and any announcements at the end of check-in.

Discussions & Workshops:

Typically at least once a month, we will have a group discussion. Topics for these discussions vary widely and depend a lot on what our youth want to talk about. FVYS also facilitates workshops and invites guest speakers on areas of interest to our youth.


FVYS has relationships with other community partners in the Fraser Valley and we are happy to provide youth and families with referrals to community agencies that can help them meet their needs. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Open Nights:

Sometimes we decide not to plan anything for the evening in order to allow people to socialize, watch a movie, do art, listen to music, or chat with staff. Sometimes it’s a fun game that builds relationships among peers.

If you’re nervous about coming for your first time, please feel free to contact us or search our group on Facebook. Our youth and staff are open, welcoming and inclusive.

School Based GSA Support:

Starting a GSA at your school and need some help setting it up or fun activity ideas? We will come to your GSA and help in any way we can! We have resources that can help make it easier. Check out our GSA Manual created by CallOUt. You can also go to our Resources page for more information.

Please contact us via email info@fvys.ca if you have any questions, need support, or would like to refer someone to our programming.

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