We have a dedicated group of staff, board members and volunteers who are passionate about our society and it’s Mission and Vision. We want to see a safe, supportive and healthy community for LGBTQ2+ youth to grow up in. Feel free to call us, connect through email info@fvys.ca. Want to send us an email from right here?  “Email Us” or you can click on the “Email Us” button on the side menu of this website to send an email to us directly.


Executive Director: Pierre Richez
Program Coordinator:
Program Coordinator: 
Program Coordinator:

General Enquiries:

Board Of Directors

Our board of Directors governs through policy development; monitoring financial health; and providing management and staff with the resources and support necessary to meet the needs of the people our organization serves. This includes guiding and supporting the mission and vision statements of the society.

Board Members

President: Lisa Miller Doerksen
Vice President : Stacy Wood
Secretary: Alisah McPhee
Treasurer: Candyce Fowle
Director: Jill Hall
Director: Denise Fowle
Director. Shawna Leighton
Contact: board@fvys.ca